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How do we invest

Investment Criteria

  • Registered address and one plant or office in Biscay.
  • The level of development of the companies to be invested in. We invest in business projects and new companies, helping them start up and launch their business, and in existing SMEs, helping them develop and expand.
  • Financial participation of the project promotion group: at least 25% of the share capital.
  • Minimum share capital: €90,000.
  • Industries covered: we will not invest in: financial institutions, real estate or marketing companies.
  • The companies must be up to date with all tax and social security obligations.

We perform an assessment based on two levels:


  • Geographic areas where the activity will be performed
  • Job creation potential
  • Development of the business plan
  • Degree of innovation
  • Activity Sector of the business


  • They must generate confidence and communicate this
  • High level of personal commitment
  • They should have a technical and/or business profile

What do we provide?

Investment instruments

Share Capital

Maximum: The participation in the share capital cannot be over 45% of its share capital and, in any event, the maximum contribution will be 300,000 €.

Minimum: 60,000 €

Participative Loan

Maximum: Maximum amount 300,000 €, or the equity of the company .

Share capital + Participative Loan

Maximum: 450,000 €

Share Capital

Requirements which must be met by the company

  • It must be an SME.
  • It must be based in Bizkaia.
  • Economic participation of the promoting group in the project. Minimum 25% of the share capital.
  • Minimum share capital of 90,000 euros.

Capital conditions

  • Temporary participation in share capital
  • Minority, up to 45%
  • Permanence 5/7 years
  • Amount: Minimum 60,000 and up to 300,000 €
  • Agreed exist, at the time of the investment, signing of a shareholders’ agreement with exit conditions.

Participative loans

The participative loans are loans where the interest rate is determined according to the company’s results.

Its enforceability is subordinate to the other common creditors.

Requirements which must be met by the company

  • It must be an SME.
  • It must be based in Bizkaia.
  • It must have equity over the amount of the loan requested.

Loan conditions

  • Amount up to 300,500 €
  • Maturity up to 7 years.
  • Amortisation with a grace period of two years. Early amortisation without reducing equity.
  • No additional guarantees required.
  • Opening commission of 0.5%
  • Interest rate:
    • Fixed: EURIBOR at 3 months + 2.5 (quarterly settlements).
    • Variable: according to the result from the financial year (annual settlement)
    • The financial cost of the loan in each financial year (fixed variable), shall not exceed EURIBOR at 3 months + 5.

Purpose of the loan

Finance new production investments, both tangible and intangible.


Finance instruments: Loan or taking capital participation

Maximum: 95% of the total cost of the project with a limit of 25,000 € per company

Investments in fixed assets

Term: Up to 5 years (possibility of a 6 month grace period)

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