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Technical Requirements

You will need the following in order to submit bids electronically through the platform:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • Compatible browser
  • A compatible electronic certificate

The technical requirements are listed below:

  • Electronic certificate

    The bidder needs to have a Seed Capital de Bizkaia qualified or recognised electronic certificate to access the Electronic Bidding Platform.

    If the certificate is not validated correctly, but is among those accepted by Seed Capital de Bizkaia, please contact the support desk..

    The certificates supported by the system are those accepted by Seed Capital de Bizkaia. If the certificate is not validated correctly, but is among those accepted by Seed Capital de Bizkaia, please contact the support desk.

  • Cookies and JavaScript enabled in the browser

Other technical requirements:

  • Compatible browsers::
    • Google Chrome, latest stable version
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 7 or higher
    • Mozilla Firefox , latest stable version
    • Apple Safari, latest stable version

    Disable the pop-up blocker in the browser. Remember there may be more than one pop-up blocker.

  • Computer:
    • Free space on the disk of approximately four times the size of the files making up the bid
    • 1 Ghz processor or higher
    • 512 Mb of memory or greater
  • Broadband connection available to cope with the volume of documents to be submitted.
  • Download bid submission application

    You need to first download the bid submission application to be able to bid electronically. This application is installed on your computer and you can access it using the direct access icon.

    You can use the application to prepare bids without needing to be online and save any changes until you decided to submit them electronically.

    The maximum allowed size of each individual file attached to an electronic bid is set at 30 MB.

    The platform has no limit set on the number of files that can be attached to a bid.

    The accepted formats for the documents attached when submitting a bid are as follows:

    • . doc | .docx: Microsoft Word native text formats.
    • . xls | .xlsx: Microsoft Excel native spreadsheet format.
    • . ppt |.pptx: Microsoft PowerPoint native presentation format.
    • . rtf: Standard text formats.
    • . sxw: Star Office native text format.
    • . abw: Abiword native text format.
    • . pdf: Adobe Acrobat native document format.
    • . jpg: Graphic format.
    • . bmp: Microsoft Windows native graphic format.
    • . tiff | .tif: Graphic format.
    • . odt: OpentDocument text format.
    • . ods: OpentDocument spreadsheet format
    • . odp: OpentDocument presentation format.
    • . odi: OpentDocument image format.
    • . zip: Winzip native compressed format and supported by Microsoft Windows.
    • . dwg: AutoCAD drawing format.

    A compressed file (ZIP) can be used as an alternative means to attach files in other formats.

    The bidders are responsible for ensuring that the bids are virus free. However, the mere presence of a virus does not mean that the bid will be excluded, provided that its content can be accessed.

    The decision in that regard will be up to Seed Capital de Bizkaia, according to the circumstances in each case.

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