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Sharing microfinance experiences

Among the activities organized in the framework of the Annual Microfinance Conference promoted by MFC-EMN, Seed Capital Bizkaia organized a workshop to share the work experience in the field of microfinance.

At said work space a presentation was given of three projects that have participated in the microfinance programme that Seed Capital Bizkaia makes available to the business and entrepreneurship community in Bizkaia through Seed Capital Bizkaia Mikro. Biboo Bikes, Dog Vivant and Optimi Rooms were the three experiences that shared their journey.

María Ribate, representing BIBŌO BIKES explained to the audience the business model of the company based on offering electric bicycles that respond to the tastes and requirements of each client, who can opt for custom designs and different materials. “Wedifferentiate ourselves-stated Maria –because we are not a company that markets imported bicycles, but rather we do the whole design, development and distribution process of the bicycles thatwe think up. We also differentiate ourselves because we only sell online. This allows us to sell quality at the most competitive price“.

Elena Fernández, founding partner of Dog Vivant, shared the experience of the 3 years of her project. Dog Vivant is a company dedicated to offering information on tourism destinations, restaurants, hotels, shops, where you can go along with dogs.

The Dog Vivant team, formed mainly by women, is happy with the results obtained: “Now we have more than one thousand certified companies and an 80% annual renewal.”.

Given the good progress of the project, Elena explained the new challenge that they are dealing with which involves a capital increase with the entry of new partners that allows them to invest in the technical development of the tool as well in the promotion of the platform itself.

And finally, Iñaki Zabala and Iker Caballos explained the project “Optimi Rooms”, the first capsule hotel on the peninsula and which will open in the coming weeks in Bilbao.

The project aims to cover a specific niche for tourism accommodation, very popular in Asian countries but that still does not exist over here.

Its promoters, immersed in the finishing touches so that the project can come into fruition, talked about “the necessary effort and work involved in any entrepreneur project“.

These cases of shared projects are an example of the commitment of Seed Capital Bizkaia to microfinance. This tool promotes innovation, improvement and the generation of employment in existing companies that have decided to commit to new stages in their business model.